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into the woods
La Finta Nonna

adapted from "La Finta Nonna" by Italo Calvino


Produced by                            Lorenzo Montanini, Simona di Maio, Isabel Albertini. 
                                                 Il Teatro nel Baule
                                                 Residenze Digitali

Directed by                               Lorenzo Montanini, Simona di Maio

Lorenzo Montanini

Simona di Maio

Isabel Albertini

Carla Guardascione

Set and Puppets                      Isabel Albertini

First Filmed at                           Exchange Theatre (London)

First Produced at                      Nostos Teatro (Aversa)

Progetto vincitore di Residenze Digitali 2021, finalista per N Uovo Teatro 2021


Deeper meaning resides in the fairy tales told me in my childhood than any truth that is taught in life. (Schiller)


Into the woods is a project at the intersection between object-based theatre, live video and 360 video.

"The False Grandmother", the Italian ancestor of Little Red Riding Hood. In the version we have chosen, the little girl manages to save herself from the ogre without the need of a man (the hunter) coming to save her. She manages to defeat the monster just with her wit, her shrewdness and kindness with others, who then become allies and help her when she is in need. It is therefore the story of a girl growing up and becoming an adult through self-determination with the help of a community, opposed to the patriarchal model proposed in "Little Red Riding Hood".


We share Calvino’s belief that folk-stories are true. They are the collection of all the possible challenges we all face when we become adults in a world torn between rich and poor, powerful and not, oppressors and oppressed. And they are the account of the realisation that to free ourselves and self-determinate our destiny, in a word to become adults, we need the others.

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